Industry expert award in the field of wooden construction


PROWOOD '19 winner — A-HOLZ construction company



Wood Housing Association - professional community of partners engaged in the development and promotion of wooden house construction in Russia.


A8 Internet Marketing Agency - professional and efficient full cycle digital promotion for construction businesses.

WOODFOCUS professional club is an informal creative alliance representing the architectural community of the Wood Housing Association.

Media partners

"LesPromInform" is a media source covering the entire forestry industry in Russia: from forestry legislation and forest management, logging and woodworking, bioenergy and pulp and paper industry to furniture production and wooden house construction. is a leading daily updated Russian online media for professionals in the field of architecture, design, landscape and heritage preservation.

ARCHITIME.RU is an architectural informational and educational resource specialized in comprehensive support and online promotion of architectural competitions and events for architects and designers.

"Low-rise Country" is an exhibition of country houses, made in the format of a cottage village, where each house is built according to one of the popular construction technologies.